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Setting up a studio 2019

Next Film 2019

Editing footage shot in Italy 10 cities

Editing footage of Ricky Martin in Las Vegas

& Celine Dion


Personal song complete and recorded

video complete



working on it!

Fashion Clothing Line for Fruitful Sex - done! Want some?

So far: http://www.fruitfulsex.com/products.html

Creating a Workbook for Fruitful Sex

Creating a Fruitful Sex DVD package

Video for Mercy Mercedes Sept. 2008


Short film - entitled...ah you'll have to wait for it!

Put my reel together one of these days!





Need to complete what they started!

If you can't complete your own video that's in the can

with cut away shots, how do you expect to be famous!

No video no exposure!



And everything else is on track!


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