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Jennifer Lopez, at her Industry Premiere "This Is Me...Now" Hollywood, California Feb. 13, 2024


As a Spiritual Director, being at the right place, right time is all about alignment with source. Michelle's got it!

__ __

JLO industry World Premiere red carpet for film: This is Me Now #JenniferLopez #JLo


Feb. 13, 2024 Hollywood

Feb 9 - 12, 2024

Los Angelese

RIP Norman Jewison


Michelle Messina volunteered many years and events at The Canadian Film Centre, at EP Taylor's estate.

Happy New Year

Michelle Messina Makes News Dec 24, 2023



Video Shoot - Brooke Stilla "Brooxe" Australian Artist

Happy New Year

Director: Michelle Messina at Pocket Pictures

is the proud recipient of an artist grant

for dedication & achivements to the music industry in Canada.

TIFF 2022

Closing Party - Michelle Messina &

Celebrity Hairdresser Jie Matar


Music Festival - Toronto

Women's Music Lab - July 23, 2022

Working on New Indepedant Film - current

2022 - Toronto Re-opens venues

Community Environment Day

Deputy Mayor of Toronto, Michael Thompson MP


Michelle Messina, Community Board of Director in attendance.

Michelle help implement the 1st

Recycling initiative - 3R program in GTA condos

City of Toronto reduce waste management.

The start of the blue bin.

We've come a long way baby! Go Green!


All aboard, The Captian is in the boat!

Congrats Michelle on an 88% exam mark - Canada PCOC

Transport Canada


Film in Quebec - Michelle's next short film


Ontario lifts mask mandate and reintigrates

unvaccinated persons back into society

March 26, 2022

Post - Covid19 Pandemic - measures


Happy New Year 2022 -

official lunar will be Feb 1, 2022

Fierce days ahead!


During the Pandemic

Michelle Studies Copyright Law

Music Copyright Law

In The renowned - Music Business Program

with a 4.0 Average top of her class

Music to my ears


Feb 12, 2021 Year of the Ox - Tough Year!



Live has sponsored Michelle Messina's company

Kango Naturals

Product available for sale - Jan 24, 2021

Live's head office in Guelph, see we're brewing together!

Happy New Year 2021


Media Interviewed Nov 10, 2020 pt1

Dec 10. 2020 pt. 2 airs

Click on paperclip for news articles and press in header.


Fall in Style - Stepping into Power!

Michelle Messina - Fall in Style


Find Michelle on Discogs as Filqueen - sold 1st LP - Ltd Edition

Chat everything about music

Filmqueen - Discogs


In 2010 Michelle Messina designed a dress to match a cute pair of shoes

10 years later wearing Fendi Italy she hired the same photographer to mark 2020 in style

Michelle Messina 2010 - 2020 in style


Michelle Messina a decade 2010 - 2020



Stepping out into the world again!

Michelle Messina - Toronto

Bagging Success!

Michelle Messina prepares to provide her patented inventon in select establishments

for phase three of Covid-19 re-opening public spaces and establishments in Ontario

with Kango Inc

helping the gereral public to practive Health and Safety with a wetnap

via a pocket on a food container, for use before and after eating, to avoid the spread of germs and viruses.



History of Michelle's development

Food ContainerChef BlumeCineplex


Life has changed as we know it.

Spiritual Gangster - Good Fight


Covid19 week 4

the world has hault still

Toronto is locked down!

March 2020

Covid19 Airport week 1

Airport - YYZ

Jan 27 - Feb 2020

Photo by Archetect of Londn Gallery ft Michelle Messina

The Architect of the London Gallery

composed this photo ft. Michelle Messina

Archect winner of Heritage Award

John Nicholson winner of the Heritage award of London

Archect Awards winners

Loncoln McCardle winner at Heritage Awards London

March 5, 2020

Water Front Toronto

Learing about our city and how it affects our environment

Michelle is an Ambassador for Recycling in the City of Toronto - 3R Program


butterfly Conservatory - Michelle Messina

80 degrees of heat!

Patience just like the development of a butterfly!

Butterfly Conservatory of Cambridge


Feb 28, 2020

I Quit

My Peace of mind and safety in the workplace comes first!

Bye Bye Punch Card

Bye Bye Punch Card

Connecting with Nature - Michelle Messina

Connecting with Nature

Michelle Messina 2020

Arizona - 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Westjet - New Year's - Toronto

Michelle Messina New Year Celebration Toronto Airport for Westjet

Michelle Messina secured GoJava Sponsor for 1 week free coffee 24/7 to all

staff and custom forutne cookies: #LoveWhereYoureGoing

MichelleMessina and Award winner in Flight Calgary Westjet

Calgary - Westjet Head office Christmas Party Wow!

Sponsored by Boeing!

I love Calgary - Michelle Messina

Sept 25

Westjet - Employee Appreciation Event

Michelle Messina managed 5 sponsors and 11 volunteers

With donations from her company Kango Naturals for use to pamper staff by estiticians

without advertising the brand or company disclosed in this website only.


WestJet Video - Speaker Michelle Messina

Motivation video for Westjet upon management asking Michelle to join the Culture Committee


MichelleMessina and DrDraw Violinist

Dr Draw - Violinist - Concert

Michelle and Eugene have a long history competing a few videos, including his Danforth Hall Christmas Tour


Michelle Messina Westjet Christmas Toronto 2019

Westjet - Toronto Christmas Party

Westjet Christmas Toronto


Gala Event - Toronto - Sept 20, 2020

Boston - Oct 2020

Calgary - Westjet Executive Meeting Sept 2020

Kelowna BC - Westjet Executive Meeting - Sept 2020

Los Angeles - Dining - Aug 2019

Life has taken an interesting turn,

whereby history repeats itself to either

settle or to explore where ones destiny or darma is needed.

Michelle has reconnected with her love for Travel


Onex purchases Westjet - 5 Billion Dollars - Largest Aviation deal in history #O


As usual, the experience will be graced full on with passion!

April 2019 - Dec 2019


TIFF Toronto - Limited time too busy sorry Film world catch ya next year - 2019 ;-(

Arizona January 2019

From this Pictures right into Arizona she went.

Michelle Messina prepare for new film

Thinking about my next flm Michelle says!


Toronto RV Show Michelle Messina with a booth

Worked the RV Show - Fun!

Happy New Year 2019

New Chapter

Arizona 2019



Michelle Messina in New Orleans

Halloween - New Orleans 2018

Insectarium & Butterfly Garden Museum - New Orleans

Hygiene Conference - New Orleans

ET Canada - Michelle Messina


Michelle Mesina #MichelleToronto

Los Angeles - Sept 2018

Doug Ford elected Premier of Ontario June 2018

Doug Ford - Premier of Ontario - June 8, 2018

Queen Park Celebration

New Year 2018

Happy New Year of the Dog


Big Distribution Deal for Libre Tea and Pusateri's Fine Foods

Pusateri's Fine Foods - Distributor for Libre Tea


Libre Tea - Chai Recipe

Libre Video

Michelle Messina Director of Libre Tea Commecials

Michelle Messina - Libre Tea Glasses in Pink


Michelle Messina - Salem - Halloween

Halloween - Salem USA 2017

High End Fashion - Michelle Messina

High End Fashion


Invictus Games created by Prince Harry

Invictus Games - Prince Harry - Toronto - Sept 23-30, 2017


Local Green Day Recycling Program

Michelle 3R Ambassador of Recycling for Toronto at

Scarborough Green Day with MP Glenn DeBaeremaeker


Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017

Year of the Rooster


MIchelle Messina Fine Dining

Fine Dining at Auberge Du Pommier


Celebration at Toronto Tea Show


BuskerFest to support Epilepsy Toronto

Was a Big Success at Woodbine Park


CNE was Also super fantastic with:

The Original band: Electric Light Orchestra performed! ELO

Best Tribute: KISS



Michelle Messina's 1st Film was 3 minutes long, and

it pulled some weight!

This time, it just got shorter!

TIFF & Instagram Shorts...1 min

Play T Dot

Check it out!

Click image and Play T Dot


Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots Memorial Concert

Talented Arron Reed Sings, with Carmine on Drums

Arron Reed Tribute Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland


MichelleMessina ArronReed

There is nothing better when there is chemesitry & the singer brings it!

A real Pleasure! February 19, 2016

Keith Orginal Kid Rock and MichelleMessina

The Orginal Kid Rock was in the House!


Pleased to be Floor Director for the 1st Live feed from the USA coverage

for Lacrosse: TorontoRock vs. BuffaloBandits

MichelleMessina Director Live Sports Event 1st USA feed

MichelleMessina Floor Director 1st Ever Televisted USA footag Live Canada Crew Reporters



Michelle Messina

with host: Pat & Ian @Pgreggy & @Poduff

January, 23 & 24 th, 2016


Wow, check this out!

Michelle Messina Leading Light for Libre Tea

Michelle Messina selected as a Leader Leading Light


MichelleMessina Film director selection for Leading Light IntroPocket Pictures

Kango Naturals

MichelleMessina defeats WarrenBuffet Fruit of the Loom



Libre Life Video


Libre Life Campaign videos: created, directed and hosted by Michelle Messina

includes: User Video, Conference Product video, and sales video

This video is a full video encorporating all 3 videos in one.

Enjoy a Libre Life Today

Libre Tea Glasses buy online direct

MichelleMessina Inventor

Wrapping up Libre Tea Article published on January 22, 2016



Happy Calendar New Year 2016

Lunar New Year is February 8, 2016

This year was the first year I did not work on New Year's Eve

& didn't celebrate because all message & invites were on facebook

Friends you can pick up the phone & call

You all have until February 7th to get it right! lol


Merry Christmas

God must be upset with the world, not to produce snow on his son's Birthday!

1st Snowless Christmas I have ever seen!

Jesus in a manger Christmas

The world accepted December 25th to be his day that we celebrate Jesus!

It's not Xmas...it's CHRISTmas

PS. Though we love St. Nicholas who the media has called Santa, I am not sure why parents

continue to lie to their children by saying, "if your good Santa will bring you gifts" instead of the true story!



Living Arts Centre

Speaker: Sam Graci

After two hour lecture mentions a few top new Products he Loves:

Libre Tea Glasses with honourable mention to Michelle Messina's video at CHFA,

Kango Natural Soap by Kango Inc.,

Kugel powerballs rolled in Greens+

Greens+ GreensPlus Sam Graci Genuine Health



Michelle Messina Present's video to Libre Tea

Industry Coonvention & Awards Gala

Canadian Health Food Association



CHFA Oganic Food Health

TIFF 2015

TIFF KieferSutherland Kango Inc Pocket Pictures Michelle Messina

Kango Pocket on Cineplex Odeon Popcorn bags inventor: Michelle Messina

for a Special Screening at Varsity VIP Theatre

Special Celebrity Guest: Kiefer Sutherland exclusive interview filmed by: Michelle Messina of Pocket Pictures

Kiefer loved the Bag with Pocket and said it makes for a better Theatre Expereience.

Kango Inc with Kango Pocket on Cineplex Odeon Bags at TIFF VIP Theatres

TIFF on!

Michelle Messina scores two business Deals @ TIFF

Her dream of Kango Pocket on Popcorn bags:

for hygeine and conveniences!

Kango Inc Pouch on Cineplex Odeon Popcorn Bag Invenetor: Michelle Messina

"As a Film Director I felt even if my film doesn't make the cut in theatres,

I still always want a presence!"

Yet, I have only submited one "Fruitful Sex" and it was accepted in every Festival

I have 1st AD and it too has been successful with Hangman's Bride winner of Canadian Genie

I have travelled the film theatre curcuit, and I would love to travel spreading good hygiene now

with Kango Bags with pocket holding: a wetnap, napkin, toothpick, price tickets, & surprises treats promos




A major life transformation!


We wrap up the season at DayTime Toronto TV

Stay tuned for next season for exciting guests and talent!


Chin Picnic

Michelle Messina Chin Picnic

Baci Michelle Messina

Il bacio sta all'amore come il lampo al tuono. ...Baci Baci Michelle

The kiss is the greatest poem of love


June 20 - 21, 2015


Sial Food innovation

Sail - Food Innovation Awards

Michelle Messina Food Awards SIAL red carpet

Michelle Messina inventor of the Food Container with pocket

Chef Bob Blummer

Chef Bob Blumer & Michelle Messina Product Marketer at Canadian Pavillion

"Bob Blumer is my favourite American Chef, I love his fresh playful food creations and dining ideas,

I support him by buying his books besides watching him on TV" MM

"Michelle is a budding talent with great ideas, one that even earned a patent, a big contribution to the food industy." Blumer.

Italian Cavi

I love Caviar - I eat it for breakfast, and actually won

The 2013 Bestbreakfast recipe picture for Kraft Foods

This Caviar is from Italy!


Promoted to Floor Director at Rogers Communications - DayTime Toronto TV

March 13, 2015

Perfect timing to direct the floor for singer Massari


DayTime Toronto TV

Karl Wolf and Michelle Messina

Karl Wolf interview



Toronto Fashion Week

Michelle Messina Media at WorldWide MasterCard Fashion Week 2015 TorontoDavid Dixon Celebrates 25 years of Fashion, Photographer Michelle Messina captures event Fashion Week

Exclusive Footage for David Dixon's 25th year of Fashion


March 25, 2015


Happy New Year 2015

If 2015 isn't all it was meant to be for you

Chinese New Year on Feb. 19, 2015

Merry Christmas

Michelle Messina Merry Christmas

The best weapon is God on your side!

Blessings Merry CHRISTmas!

What better than an Alpaca for Christmas

to find the Star!

Michelle Messina Coordinator TV Station Christmas Alpaca

Michelle Messina Guest Co-ordinator at DayTime Toronto


Michelle Messina Director

2014 InStudio with Michelle Messina

Framing the Scene


Toronto's Biggest Tech Bash! & Awards

Michelle Messina Tech Awards

Michelle Messina

Creator of Video Booth, Matt with Michelle

Click to See My Video _ Tech Party

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Coder, Karlen Chang & Michelle Messina, Multi-media Specialist

Dec. 2, 2014




Events Michelle Messina has covered

Michelle Messina photographer


Halloween Party - Karen's last Project Sound event:

Halloween Michelle Messina


Tyrone Lindqvist is so cute & talented! What a unique voice...diggin it!

Song: Take Me

Rufus take me

Canada Michelle Messina

I brought back to Toronto, some Hot Italian Sun!

While I was away I heard it was 5 degrees, I have returned it's 33 & Sunny!

Some highlights of Italy:

Florence The Cathedral - Saint Maria del Fliore "of the flower"

Roman Collosseum

Italy Michelle Messina

Vatican Rome Italy Michelle Messina

The Vatican

wearing a Giorgio Armani top with attatchable sleaves to wear in the 16th chapel

Fashion forward, fashion appropriate...even for The Vatican.

Creataive Italina Flag

Italy bound

What does an Italian man look like? Feast your eyes on him!

Maybe my companion in Italy!


Michelle Messina photographer/videographer Media Pit

Michelle Messina Photographer Montreal

Looking in the Mirror, I see more than beauty, I see a brain that is thinking about the next

Great project. Something with substance, integrity and class. MM

Montréal Fashion Week - Media


Michelle Messina Sedona Arizona Healing Training

Michelle Messina Arizona

The Power of the Desert!

Arizona June 2014

Italian Heritage - 5 families ft. Videographer/photographer: MIchelle Messina

Casa Loma - Italian Heritage Month

ft. 5 most influencial Italian families

June 1, 2014

Michelle Messina Italian Heritage Month



Canadian Music Week 2014

With some of the best new singers on the scene!

For one week!

Rock on!

Michelle Messina Fashion Runway Fruitful Sex clothing line


Life quote a metiphor for Camea film processing

Mysteriuosly Yours - Dinner Theatre

Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre

Gem & Stone - April 25, 2014 Toronto

One of A Kind Show - March 26, 2014 CNE - Direct Energy Building

One of A Kind Show

ET Canada Co-host Michelle Messina

View Video


Irish Film Festival opening Gala The Irish Pub After TV interview Michelle Messina attends

Feb. 28, 2014

After RogersTV interview - Michelle Messina

joins Director Alex Fegan & PR Denis Dwyer, from Ireland

with Promoter Mike Barry from Toronto

At TIFF Lightbox for Opening Gala

"Wonderful film, which could have been a drucken mess, exceeded my expectation with

Irish tradition and how keeping things as they are prevail for success!"mm


TIFF Charity Event Pocket Pictures

Michelle Messina Florida Bahamas


Keep in mind the solar New Year is Jan 31

Michelle Messina & Chef Chuck Huges Montreal


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas

Jesus...all the hooplay Christmas is about!

St. Patrick Basilica

Merry Christmas from Angels

Toronto Women's Expo - Michelle Messina Photographer/Videographer


I've finally gone HD...not DSLR...a real production camera!

Hope you all can afford me now! hehehe!


Michelle Messina Gala Hand Model

Foundation for Children supporter



TIFF not for Filmmakers made for sponsors - Director Michelle Messina avoids attending closing party proved correct sponsor driven



Una Voce Per Padre Pio

Una Voce per Padre Pio..nel Mondo

Incredible Tribute to saints from Italy with

celebrity singers, and entertainment from Italy & Canada

Personal view: Incredible food, decadent atmophere a pure pleasure!

Thank You God!

Sept. 12, 2013


Drone L'Image Automatisée The Automated Image Le Mois De La Photo A Montréal 2013


Montreal Fashion Week 2013

Montréal Fashion Week - Michelle Messina in Media Pit represeting only Toronto Photographer

Montreal Fashion Week Photographer Michelle Messina Printemps/ete 2014

Michelle Messina Photographer Montreal

Filipino Fashion Event - Fashionista Jeff Rustia & Photographer Michelle Messina

Filipino Fashion Event

.....Jeff Rustia . Michelle Messina

Fashionista . Photographer

Sutton Fair August 11, 2013

Sutton Fair Website


Michelle Messina Film Director at Italian FIlm Festival Gala


Italian Film Festival 2013


North by North East Music Art Film Comedy line up Toronto

Taste of Italy



Music Week

Music Week Toronto


Meekka model

Sometimes you just got to show

how it's done!



Marketer for PGA & BMO exclusive product, this weekend only!

Golf Show Toronto



February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Concert

Christoph Seybold Violinist

Filmed: Christoph Seybold - From Germany, his Canadian Debut

playing Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

accompanied by: Toronto Concert Orchestra

Saint Saens - Composer

Kerry Stratton - Conductor



March 2013

Michelle Messina Winner of

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest 2013

Best Recipe & Picture

use of Cream Cheese for breakfast:

Caviar Canapé with Cream Cheese on French Baguette

Michelle Messina winner of Dempsters and Phili Contest Food

"This is my breakfast" Michelle


Happy New Year

2013 New Year's Eye

I love this image because it reminds me of film

Etching into film to depths of colour


Keep in mind the Lunar Moon New Year is on Febraury 10th.

New Year 2013


Ending 2012.

Sad after such an amazing experience to our shock the

Toronto School of Art closes due to bancruptcy.

Toronto School of Art - Claims Brancuptcy


Toronto Celebrates the Apocolyse edition of Nuit Blanche

Michelel Messina Managed a Full House of Nuit Blanche Events at The Toronto School of Art

3 Floors, fully lincensed LCBO, Art instillation, and 5 exhibits.

September 29 7:03pm until dawn - 2012


I am so please to be the New Media Co-ordinator at:

The Toronto School of Art

Michelle Messina - New Media Co-ordinator at Toronto School of Art


December 26, 2012 Snowfall Yaaaaaaaaa!

Michelle Messina Merry Christmas


Coors Light Colder than a sorcerer


The Key to Peace 1325 Treaty Play

Tready 1325

filmed the one act play

The 1325 Key to Peace

by: Shirley Farlinger



Canadian Film Centre


CFC BBQ 2012 Fundraiser Building Fund

& TWEET the Future CFC Building Fund

Michelle can be seen on EP Taylor's estate in the CFC Garden

wearing a yellow hard hat for you to TWEET the future - Live

CFC Building Fund _ Sign created by Michelle Messina

min. $25.00 per TWEET (receive a Charitable Donation Receipt/Tax deductible ;-)


Make your mark & contribute to the CFC building fund on Sunday!


Michelle Messina Camera Operator Shot by Kodak at EP Taylor's Estate during TIFF CFC BBQ

September 9, 2012

2011 raised over $200,000 for the CFC's training programs in film


TIFF 2012

Gentelmen Prefer Blondes!

Gentlemen Prefer Blonds

Working on a comedy script about a woman who desperately wants to be Marylin Monroe

Michelle Messina

ET Canada Party


"Wherez Jeff" Party

Michelle Messina VIP attendant at Jeff Rustia's Party "Where is Jeff"

Jeff Rustia hosts Party with Michelle Messina Photographer

August 16, 2012


Golf 2012 Vancouver

June 14, 2012

David Dragoo of Carefree, AZ has taken the early lead at the Sun Rivers Pro Am in Kamloops, BC.


Worldwide Short Film Festival

CFC Worldwide Short FIlm Festival - Toronto

CFC put a few wonderful events!

Royal Ontario Museim

A New refined club scene.....World Class!


Holt Renfrew

Spring Collection

Holt Renfrew Spring Collection - VIP

Holt Renfrew Invitation


CFC Gala

CFC Gala 2012 Michelle Messina

$700 Per Ticket Carlu, Toronto

Feb. 8, 2012

Aquarius tshirt

Happy Birthday Aquarius

Looking forward to the age of Aquarius!

Full Moon Chinese New Year

Dragon 2012

Happy New Year

Josephine Wall art

Josephine Wall

Looking forward to a year of soulful creative collaberations!

Indelible - Shot live video


Feb. 4, 2012

Uli Jon Roth

Uli RothUli Roth Guitar Legend and Michelle Messina Film Director

European Guitar Legand

View Live Video

Jan. 29, 2012

Happy Holidays

Michelle Winter 2011

Winter 2011

Under the Big Top for Autism

Under the Big Top for Autism Gala


Nov. 10, 2011

Top Funds Raised:

Team Walk

Team MEGA $56,768 Montreal

Team M&M $30,046 Toronto
Team CJ $29,489 Toronto

Team JJ $23,286 Montreal
Saccomaniacs $21,825 BC
Team Carter with Home Restaurants $21,618 BC
Spin Master $21,249 Toronto
Matthew & Michael Stellato $17,975 Toronto
The Balter's $16,912 BC
Team Alexandra $16,527 Montreal

Individuals Top walks raised:

Steve Saccomano $21,825 BC
Deborah Samagalski $11,200 Edmonton
Brian Covernton $9,517 BC

List of other amounts

Autism Speaks Canada - Under the Big Top

Host: Roberto Alomar


Happy Halloween

Michelle Messina


Repo Opera

Sept. 28, 2011

Michelle treat a group of friends to "Repo" the film with live theatrical opera

The L.A. Director was in Toronto to introduce the film

"Outstanding" mm

LG Fashion Week

Michelle Messina Fashion Week

Fashion Council Canada

Oct. 17-21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

First Thanksgiving

To all

It is such a pleasurable experience, when we all get along!


Chess the musical

Chess Musical

Sept. 24 - Oct 30, 2011

"Chess Rocked Toronto!" Sept. 30 MM


TIFF 2011

TIFF 2011

Director Michelle Messina TIFF 11

Sept. 8-18, 2011



CFC Annual BBQ

Michelle Messina Supervisor CFC BBQ Panasonic

Charity Info

Sept. 12, 2011


DJ David Morales from NYC

David Morales Toronto DJ from NY

Spinning in the T.

June 3, 2011


Hangover 2 Sold Out

Sold Out Again!



Polo for Heart and Stroke in the city event

May 18, 2011

Kango Bags served to VIP guests

Hosted by: Brett Wilson

One incredible evening!


Fashion Faux Paw

May 5, 2011


Pawsway Harbourfront

A Fabulous Fashion Frolic with two and four legged Celebrities!

From Top Designers

Music Featuring Broadway Star: Louise Pitre

MC: Carlo Rotta

Surprise "Priscilla" style finale

Silent Auction Highest Bid

Photographer: Michelle Messina won Darryl Sittler's

signed Hockey Jersey from 1970

Photographer Michelle Messina at Fashon Faux Paw

View Photo Gallery

The HangOver II


New Year Count Down!

Do you celebrate the:

Roman Calendar Jan. 1 which is

modernly know as Gregorain Calendar

or the Full Moon Feb. 3

how about Eastern Orthodox being the Julian Calendar Jan. 14

than there is Indian New Year on March 14th, being the Sikh Nanakshahi Calendar

Oh the Kutchi New Year on June 22

or mid year, Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year Sept. 8?

Which ever one you celebrate...I wish you all the best!


Merry Chritsmas


Dressed up as Edelweiss at a

fashionista's Christmas Party where only Original Super Hero's were invited!

Edelweiss the white flower that only grows in the winter, the name: Edel comes from the German word

meaning Noble and is a protected flower in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria. The latin

name for Edelweis is Leontopodium nicknamed Lion's paw.

Articles and pics in the Local newspapers' Fashion section!

HarvestHalloween Michelle Messina 2010Halloween 2010

Celebrating the harvest with the ritual dress up Party!


LG Fashion Week Power of Style

Holt Renfew Invite LG Fashion Week 2010 Private

LGFW Media PIt 2010

Evan Biddell Michelle Messina Fashion Week

Fashion Designer: Evan Biddell & winner of Project Runway Canada

With Media of LGFW Photographer/Videographer: Michelle Messina






A good reason to stay out all night!

Toronto Roads close down for 12 hours

starting at 7pm till Dusk!

Featured artists use Toronto's landscape as a canvas!

Nuit Blanche 2010

View pics in Photo Gallery

MIchelle Messina Filming 24 hours at Nuit Blanche

Michelle Messina 22 hours filming at Nuit Blanche

Also the last one standing at 6:30 AM

Shot fellow photographers at Norman Felix Gallery


Roger Guetta photo of Michelle Messina

Photographer Roger Guetta captured this pic & sent it as a gift to Michelle

"Michelle caught on the phone"

Sept. 23, 2010



35 year Tiff

Brad Pitt at Tiff

ET Canada Photo booth at TIFF 2010

Director Michelle Messina on red carpet TIFF 2010

Michelle Messina at TIFF 2010

Sept. 9 - 19, 2010


Video complete for Human beat box champ: Scott Jackson


Aside from Hand Modeling, this is my first photoshoot since I was a kid!

Different than being behind the camera!

Just signed a modeling contract! August 4, 2010

Michelle Messina AKA Meekka

Michelle Messina Business WomanMichelle Messina Pure Godess


Model Michelle Messina


Completed video for: Living Arts Centre - July 2010


May 9, 2010

If It wasn't for Mom, I would never Dream Big!


I love you Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!



May 3, 2010

Your Workplace Conference

Brett Wilson Michelle Messina

Michelle Messina . Brett Wilson

One Good Dragon!

Key speaker W Brett Wilson's key message: Work on your biggest investment..."YOU"

emotionally, mentally, physically

and balance life with family and what's most important ...other than work!

LG Fashion Week Toronto 2010

Watch out Toronto Fashion Week!

March 28 - April 1, 2010

Full Media Coverage check photo link view pics

Jeff Rustia Jeff Rustia by Michelle Messina
Jeff Rustia & Evan Biddell Media Pit Michelle Messina Fashion Week 2010
Lucian Matis LG Fashion Week Michelle Messina Barbie Michelle Messina


Fruitful Sex on the runway!

Pre-Fashion Week at The Great Hall - March 20th, 2010

Fruitful Sex

Fruitful Sex revamped with a 70's feel: 14 Colours and 7 styles


Fruitful Sex T-shirts

Fruitful Sex a Canadian Company


Happy New Year - of the Tiger!

Feb. 14th, 2010

Tiger Pic by: Michelle Messina Year of the Tirger

Tiger pic shot by: Michelle Messina 12 years ago during the

previous year of the tiger. This tiger is a famous film star!

PS. How did 2009's Bull treat you!


Golden Globe Awards

Jan. 17, 2010

Todd Phillips wins best feature comedy, "The Hangover"

Todd Phillips & Michelle Messina

Todd Phillips & Michelle Messina met many years ago

at the start of their career at Universal Studios when they were both

nominated for best short films. Todd I believe was best comedy short and

Michelle for best International animated film. "I knew Todd would be a big

director, I'm not sure how to catch up now! haha Good on him, he's a great guy!"

Michelle Messina


Todd Phillips $ Hangover

Congrats Todd!


Happy New Year! 2010

Jie Mattar & Michelle Messina New Year's Eve 2010

Jie Mattar & Michelle Messina


Merry Chirstmas

Write Santa Claus: North Pole H0H 0H0 before Dec. 25th & receive a reply!

Write Santa Claus


Christmas Eve Michelle Messina




Trademark "Fruitful Sex" has been approved in the US! - Nov, 2009

US Planning Strategy forcast for 2012

Nov 21, 2009 NXNE Shoot

Nov 20, 2009 Shawn Skier Gallery Shoot

Happy Halloween

Michelle Messina Halloween


Sept. 10 - 19, 2009

Film Festival - TIFF

Centreal Headquarters

Michelle Messina - Guest at Tiff

"I ran into Kevin O'Leary who offered me a deal on Dragon's Den, during Tiff at One

we chat & even took a pic! He was very charming much different than on the show!" mm

Michelle Messina TIFF Red Carpet

My Red Carpet Gown


InStyle Party - Sept. 19, 2009

InStyle Party - Toronto - Director Michelle Messina


Stryper - Christian Rock Band

25th Anniversary Tour

Sept. 27, 2009


Michelle Messina Shoots Stryper 25 year Anniversary


October 2009 Snow Cover of Cashbox

Snow Cover of Magazine October 2009

Sept. 9th & Party Sept 11th, 2009

Shoot Darrin O'Brien aka "Snow" for his launch of Pure Snow NGO housing project


Snow Private Party

Snow NGO Party

Snow & Whitey Don

Snow and fans

Snow performs live at Court House & announces NGO project

Sept. 9th, 2009

Michelle Messina Video Release Party

Video Release party! Cool Zen theme!


Scott Jackson Beat Box of the Year Award

Scott Jackson's incredible voice talent & commitment wins him the

Beat Box of the Year Award!

Beat Box Scott Jackson Tic Tac Commercial


A little promotion & big vioce goes a long way;

within one year's video, Scott was featured on TICTAC commercial,

& won Beat Box of the Year!

Michelle Messina & Scott Jackson Human Beat box

Michelle Messina & Scott Jackson

video shoot!


Fight Club

Fight Club Michelle Messina

Sept. 1, 2009 Shoot Fight Club

Rochester Michelle Messina

Aug. 14, 2009 Rochester Video Shoot Video Realse Party

Ed Hardy Michelle Messina

June 14, 2009 Ed Hardy Swim Wear Shoot

Michelle Messina King Tut

June 4, 2009 Shooting Video, Toronto

Toy Box Michelle Messina

June 3, 2009 Toy Box Shoot


Thurs. May 28, 2009

Powerba11 Largest Contemporary Art Party - Toronto

PowerBall 11

Power Ball Media Clip

Michelle Messina Powerba11


Panty Smooz Fundraiser for Red Door Women's Shelter

Hosted by: John Filomena of City TV's Inside Fashion

John Filomena & Michelle Messina

Entertainment by: Devine Brown, Aaron Pritchett & God Made Me Funky

Wow, what a night of shooting!


Isabella Rossellini

Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini reveals animal sexual behaviour

Surprising how 10 years has passed since "Fruitful Sex"

great event!


Earth Hour March 28, 8:30 pm No Lights (Party)

Earth Hour Toronto Party



Massari - In Love Again - video by: Michelle Messina breaks 50,000 hits

Massari - In Love Again - Live video by: Michelle Messina breaks 50,000 hits


51 Grammy Awards

Katy Perry tries to pull off fruit as well as Michelle Messina

Miss Banana

One of the most inspiring moments


Sir Richard Branson & Michelle Messina

Sir Richard Branson & Michelle Messina

"Shaking the president's hands of the Virgin Empire

made me feel real good about my brand Fruitful Sex

How something so wholesome can be contraversal

and allow for such creative magic!"mm


Happy Health Holidays


Claudia & Michelle Christmas Party 2008

Merry Christmas!

Katy Perry out of Banana

Katy Perry Banana

Dr. Draw

Dr.Draw Dec. 20, 2008

Dr. Draw Dec. 20, 2008 Concert


RIP Kenny MacLean 1956 - 2008

Kenny MacLean Tribute

Michelle Messina Kenny MacLean Tribute

Michelle Messina Kenny MacLean Tribute Director

Shooting DVD at the Tribute wearing MacLean family's Tartan & Crest


Snow & Michelle Messina

Wondering if it will "Snow" this Christmas!

Darren O'Brien aka "Snow" Reggae / Rapper sentation & Michelle Messina Video Director

Two time Guinness Book of World Records as the Best Selling Raggae Single US history

& Highest Charting Reggae Single in History




Live video recording by: Michelle Messina


In only a few weeks, Michelle Messina's Live video for

Massari breaks over 10,000 hits!


Toronto International Film Festival Sept. 2008


Pleasure shooting Massari Live

Song "In Love Again" Album Forever Massari

Singer Massari and Michelle Messina

July 23, 2008 video release Party

"In Love Again" Live


Boy George Sept. 4, 2008 (Pics)


Mercy Mercedes August 21, 2008 (Video & Pics)


Joel Madden of Good Charlotte Spinning a set August 13, 2008 (Pics)


The Royal Crowns June 7, 2008 (Video & Pics)

Teddy (drummer) The Royal Crowns



Young girls everywhere are taking the oath about waiting,

it is not just a Fruitful Sex story...it is much more.

I vow, not now

And when your done. Purchase a Fruitful Sex shirt to

show that you mean it!

Fruitful Sex Apparel


Flash Conference and Party

April 19, 2008

(Flash Computer Applications silly!)


Fashion Week 2008

D, Make-up Artist for Yves Saint Laurent


2008 Heading in the right direction!

Keep in mind the the full moon New Year is on Feb. 6th, 2008

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Nov. 16, 2007 Jorge Lucas - 26th B-day


Nov. 15 2007

Flex Camp (Adobe)

Flex compiles ActionScript programming code & XML-based user interface descriptions (MXML) into binary Flash files including a variety of user interface functions for creating rich client applications.

Won: Flex 2 Computer book and Cute Teddy Bear!

Flash Awards (Flash application...Silly)!


Francesco Fontana's Bday & Fashion Event

Francesco Fontana & Michelle Messina

Francesco Fontana & Michelle Messina July 16, 2007

Michelle shoots and covers event

Francesco Fontana

Francesco Fontana & model


Celebrity Hairdresser Jie does a Fruiful makeover for Michelle

Jie opened his doors on a Monday when he is closed for a private booking

to do a fruitful make-over in time for Michelle's news interview.


Nov. 27, 2006

Jie makeover for Michelle Messina

Jie makeover for Michelle Messina

Seminar: Activity Nov. 14 2007


GreenStar Awards Nov. 1, 2007 (Video & Pics)

Canadian Fashion Week Oct. 22, 2007

Johnny Sanotra Oct. 8, 2007 (Video)

American Mind Oct. 6, 2007 (Video)

Blue Peter Toronto Oct. 5, 2007 (Video & Pics)

The Spoons Toronto Oct. 5, 2007 (Video & Pics)

Lifestyle Series Oct 4, 2007 (Pics)

Riff Wagner Sept. 24, 2007 (Pics)

Kasia's Going away Party Sept. 24, 2007 (Pics)

Jagua Vancouver Sept. 19, 2007 (Video & Pics)

Quantum Physics Sept. 4, 2007 (Video & Digital Audio)

Yogafest August 30, 2007 (Video & Pics)

August 15, 2007

Coldfusion seminar and winner of CF8 Pro

Full Moon/Mars Eclipse August, 2007 (Pics)

Wealth Expo March 24-25 (Pics)

L'Orieal Fashion Week, March 12-17 (Pics)

VBS Incredible Race (Bible Study for Kids Pre-school 1, grade 2-4 and grade 5-6), March 12-17

Canadain Music Week, March 7-10 (Pics)

Ambitious Blond Event - Models Runway Michelle Messina's Apparel Fruitful Sex , March 2, 2007

Fashion Frenzy - Celebrities and Dog Fashion Show Charity Messina Shoots Event , February 28, 2007 (Video&Pics)


Chris Guerrieri

Chris Guerrieri News


The Dragon's Den television series 8pm EST, October 25, 2006 (Contestant)

Michelle Messina asks investors for $250,000 for 10% of her company which she is

President and holds a Canadian patent for any food container

(such as a popcorn bag, pizza box, sushi pack)

with an auxilary pocket attached which holds: wetnaps, toothpicks, seasoning packs,

butter, promotional items, prizes, and much more!

70 Contestants selected across Canada, only 10 where offered money

and Michelle Messina was the only one to say NO DEAL!

Dragon's Den

As the Dragon's aimed to breathed fire on Ms. Messina,

she was wise enough to know they where trying to hustle a deal!

Kevin O'Leary, known as opinionated and ruthless in business softens up to offered Michelle Messina $25,000 up front plus 10% on an 80 Million unit deal, in return for 100% of her company Kango Inc.

There are a number of factors why Miss Messina did not agree to the deal:

He never disclosed who he was, being a blind pitch season one. Also, he did not guaranteeto the sales, nor did he meet required investment of $250,000 therefore Michelle Messina said, "sorry no deal".

Comments: Jim Treliving, President of Boston pizza,"Michelle you may be an inventor and marketing person, but you should get out of the business side!"

After the Dragon's insulted and argued about her past partner's mistake and her not taking this deal Michelle walked off the show stating "no insult taken it is only business".

The show Host asked,"Michelle, what are you made of? Those Dragon's breathed fire all over you, offered you a deal, and you didn't give in!"

"I'm made of metal, and I plan making something of this..watch me!" mm

( Years later she did get the bags into Cineplex at TIff 2015)

Tougher than a Dragon, Michelle is the only contestant to say,

"NO DEAL!" season one!

For more information visit:



In Fond Memory Of

I will always be grateful to my mentor and friend who helped me to become a film director.

He was the most sincere, and giving man I have ever met.

His endless hours and commitment in helping others put his own goals on the back burner.

Sharing all his trade-secrets!

Perhaps, we all have our mission and I promise to continue making films in memory of him.

Film in Toronto will never be the same and all of us in the community

have suffered a big loss. His death came as such a shock and I have never seen

the film community come together as we did on the memorial of his death in Toronto.

Robert Ariganello, "made our film dreams come true!"

Michelle Messina

Roberto Ariganello 1961-2006


In memory of you Roberto.


Canadian Goddess Series Painted Oct. 13, 2003

Photo taken after painting Michelle Messina

7 Goddesses selected in Canada,

each selected for their devotion to humanitarian deeds

Oil on Canvas 5x5 feet 1/7 Canadian Godess series for Toronto Private Gala no reprints


"Wow Goddess,...thank you!

I do like the concept of painting my aura

as a spiritual portriat.

I am honoured to be recognized for my efforts in this light."

Sincerely, Michelle Messina


Michelle Messina Action


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