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I own several: domain names, scripts, original songs and collectables.

If you are are seeking a good domain name, send me a text with industry type!

I love great ideas, and I enjoy seeing them come to life... into fruition!

I am selective, and only work on projects that move me spiritually...money is not a driver for me!

If you are creative with talent, and have not sought you out,

I hope you find me to work on that next incredible project...that rocks!


I enjoy writing songs, despite being encouraged not to sing! lol

I have only entered one song writing contest and was selected to perform a

song acapella at the University of Toronto for $3000 being 1/10 from 2700 songwriters


Presently I own: One patent and two trademarks.

It's a dog eat dog world and I intend to keep my rights honestly and by the book!

Additional information will be added soon.



I enjoy film, food, and travel.

Seeking to travel more; my last adventure was Italy, touring 10 cities in 2014

Italy loved me! I love Italy!

Big love for Arizona,

Love Florida

I rocked New York, New York loves me!

Canada I am trying to warm up to!

Ideas make us!

Gotta run...deep in tought!

Michelle Messina



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