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Michelle Messina is also an inventor who earned a Patent for a Food container with pocket to hold wetnap, toothpicks, seasoning packs, scratch and wins and more. During Covid19 with her company Kango Inc. Michelle relaunched the product witha re-open the country plan for entertainment facilities and restaurants.

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Michelle Messina also owns intellectual property with trademarks of her film, and several: domain names. Most recent to sell was Muse.tv

She also has a collection of scripts, original songs and collectables.

If you are are seeking a good domain name, send her message she can help reseach. Being a media copywriter she also look for words that avoid crossing into others wares of us.

"I love great ideas, and I enjoy seeing them come to life... into fruition!" Messina said who has created many orginal ideas with legs...so to speek.

"I'm selective, and only work on projects that move me spiritually...money is not a driver for me!"

If you are creative with talent, and have not reached your goal or dream, contact Michelle, she lives to work on incredible project...that rocks!

"I have my weakness, I enjoy writing songs, despite being encouraged not to sing! lol However, I never let others opinion stop me.

I have only entered one song writing contest and was selected to perform a

song acapella at the University of Toronto for $3000 being 1/10 from 2700 songwriters. I didn't win but I did it, and my message of equity and peace was hear before it was a topic!"

Ideas make us!

Canada I am trying to warm you up!

Gotta run...deep in tought!

Michelle Messina stay in touch!



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