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City News December 24, 2023


During Pandemic work on a personal short film 2021-2022

Internal Motivatinal Video for Westjet 2020


Libre Tea Commecial


Libre Tea Demo Video


David Dixon 20 Year Anniversary in Fashion

Feature Video

Jie Matar is a celebrity hairdresser who hired Michelle to create a 9 mintues Feature

presented at the World Salon Competion. Directed, shot, and edited by Michelle Messina.

The news coverage was courtesy of select TV stations.

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"Fruitful Sex"™

The film that travelled North America at Film Festivals creating much press,

and a major legal battle

which also led to the successful

"Fruitful Sex"™ won by Michelle Messina

16mm film cinematographer, creator, no edits 1:1 ratio filming

125 pounds of fruit. Enjoy!

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Govan - Custom Leather

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Autism Speaks Canada - Under The Big Top - Gala Charity

ft. Roberto Alomar, Christopher Dallo, Infinite Fantacy Circus & much more!

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Platinum Blonde "Doesn't Really Matter"


Snow "I Adore You"


Uli Jon Roth - European Guitar Legend

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Scott Jackson - Beatbox Champ - Live

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Divine Brown "Sunglasses"

rare, slow, acoustic, live

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The Living Centre

Eco-Spiritual Education Sanctuary

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Aaron Pritchett "Nothing But Us"

rare, slow, acoustic, live,

dedicated to Michelle

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God Made Me Funky "Won More Time"

rare & live

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Divine Brown "Lay It On The Line"

rare, acoustic, live

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Dr.Draw "Adagio"

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Monx - The Sign (Motion Picture Film)

Recently transfered - designed for the big screen

Shot, directed and edited by: Michelle Messina (Rare Archive)

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Dr.Draw electrical violinist wraps up National

Holiday Tour at the Music Hall

Merry Christmas

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Massari "In Love Again" New release from the Forever Massari album

Michelle Messina shot live footage of this hot superstar!

Keep your eye on him! MM

Massari "In Love Again" live video by Messina

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Spinnerette - Getto Love - Live

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The Royal Crowns

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Indelible "Down That Road"

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Paul Hardy Fashion Designer, Celebrity Jie Hairdresser

Fashion Show during Canadian Fashion Week

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Fruitful Sex

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This is my first: stop motion film


Falling in Love

_ _

This is my first: hand processed, hand colourized frame by frame,

frame-by-frame cinematography 1:1 ratio no edits, my voice over.

Maxim Commercial

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My Film Qualifications:

Hand Processing: Black & White 35mm, Super 16mm, 16, Super 8, 8mm.

SpecialFilm Effects: Aerial Image Optical Printing,Hand Colouring frame by frame, etching, bleaching, solarizing.

Optical Printing Effects: Split screen, overlay, reverse image, duplicate film, film transfer.

Titling: Credits varied from white on black to colour and Oxberry motion effects.

Photography: Event shooter, stills, digital, process B/W film, print B/W photos, mount.

Editor: Film - flatbed offline, Digital video - Final Cut Pro on/off line.

Marketing: Media Copywriter - print ads, media tour plan, media package, Logo/Poster Designer, Public Relations.

Producer: Funding, Sponsorship, production scheduling, communicator, networking.

Public Speaker: Film Festivals, Schools, Clubs, Sports Events, Charity Events etc.

Researcher: Patents, trademarks, nuans reports, and much more.

DVD authoring, Menu Creation, Layout, and Packaging.

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Music video "Texas" by Johnny Sinatra

Michelle Messina: videographer, director, editor

There is a little joke about this video, which resulted in my

editing choices. Feel free to ask me!

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Fashion Frenzy a great event featuring local celebrities

and dogs in a fashion runway. Charity event

Opening Dance Act:

_ -

Fashion Frenzy Scene 1: Big It Up

_ _

Fashion Frenzy Scene 2:

Dog Tricks by Pot Roast, Trainer Joan Weston

_ -

Fashion Frenzy Scene 3:

Versace Couture for People and Pets

_ -

Fashion Frenzy Scene 4:

Neo-paws, dog shoes!

_ -

Fashion Frenzy Scene 5:

Vivian George Fashions

_ _

Fashion Frenzy Scene 6:

Rococo Designer

_ _

Fashion Frenzy Scene 7:

Thien Le Designer

_ _

Fashion Frenzy Scene 8: Paper Dress by: Anna Kraevska

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Fashion Week Toronto 2007

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Yogastock Spritual Connection with Sound Wave Vibration

Michelle Messina Antique Camera

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Comedy Short

For taking the time to scroll down, here is a little comedy peice!