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Michelle Messina holds two post grad's in:

Media Copywriting & Interactive Multi-media, who is currently studying Copyright Law at Berkeley.

In 2006 she considered a MBA in Business Management and decided to invest her money into her business and attended College for International Business

Prior to that, she studied at Ryerson working toward a B.A. in Radio & Television by year two she worked at:

Classicomm Cable, became Rogers. Within 6 months she hosted and produced her own Golf TV Series entitled, "Tough Stroke" featuring the toughest holes at select golf courses in York Region, the final episode at The National.

Prior to Michelle's formal education, she invented her first unique product being a food container with pocket andobtained a Canadian patent.

In 2006 she was a contestant on CBC's The Dragon's Den season 1 a blind interviews, not knowing the investors or the show... at all.

Kevin O'Leary offered her a deal $25,000 up front plus 10% of sales of 80 milllion bags just at Cineplex.

Michelle turned down the offer without a guaranteed sales agreement, and

mostly based that Kevin did not disclosing who he was, yet thought he could close a deal that way. They found out the hard way that she is a no nonsense business woman.

Michelle created her first

animated short film, "Fruitful Sex" which gained National and International success, with thousands of dollars in sponsorship. All which she managed in one month.

Loving the idea, she wanted to protect the name and let it have legs with merchandise.

Her trademark stirred up a 6 year legal battle with Fruit of the Loom. After a year and a half into the case Warren Buffet, purchased Fruit of the Loom for $835 million with Berkshire Hathaway whereby Michelle's lawyers felt it was time to give in to Fruit of the Loom's demands.

Michelle then independantly represented herself to victory in the trademark case, which became headline news.

In 2006 she was selected 1 out of 7 designers to survey NY Fashion scene with the Canadian Consulate, to prepare the lauch of custom t-shirts reading "Fruitful Sex, avoid tempation".

with a small run of t-shirts sold on-line.

The film itself did exceptionally well through out North America's film festivals gaining extensive notoriety for a short film and became the first year when short films could be nominated and recognized for an Academy Award.

For a solid ten year Michelle directs one project a month, and during her down time manages banquet hall events at private establishments.

Her leadership and polished manner has successfully managed Ontario's finest private Golf Course dining rooms

a total of 87 successful events by(2011)

Michelle is no stranger to the media!

At the tender age of three, Michelle was one of Ellen Henderson's top models,

strutting runways and gracing catelogues for several years. Also a child student at Montessori pre-school. Though Michelle's parents immigrated from Europe with absolutely nothing, they started successful businesses and strived to offer their daughter things they never had and to learn to enjoy the finer things in life.

Michelle Messina a model since age 3

For over a decade Michelle was so modest she only would model her hands! And strickly wanted to be behind the scenes.

Michelle Messina Hand Model

Networks Major Campaign: A St. Joseph Corporation Company

In 2010 a modeling agent offered Michelle a paid contract, after careful reflection, she decided to break out of her shell from behind the camera and step forward once again. Yet, after her photoshoot she just did not feel this was her path, and asked to only model her hand again since they are a money maker, and they agreed.

August 4, 2010, to date Michelle still has only models her hands, though she love fashion and wears her beautiful clothes on the red carpet or lavish evnets!

Michelle Messina ModelMichelle Messina Canadian GirlMichelle Messina business woman

High Fashion.............................Down To Earth........................Business Woman

Some personal information from Michelle's Diary which includes some festival dates, interviews, and travel pics,

only recently disclosed due to her private nature.


"Fate chooses your relations. You choose your friends" Jacques Dilill 1600AD

Photo Diary:

Toronto Film Festival 2010

Michelle Messina & Her actor for 2010 film

"I welcomed a model to attend TIFF media event's access with me, with an acting job offer in a short Dramatic Comedy, about a woman wanting desperatly to become Marilyn Monroe. Though I thought she was the perfect fit, after a year sitting on the script, she declined the role and decided to go in a different career path. It was a dissapointment" said Michelle and sadly could not find another Marilyn look alike.

"You put so much into a project and untimately you are reliant on others for your success, that's why I'd rather make animated films." Michelle laughed.

"The film is yet to be made, seeking another Marilyn, looks like I may need to go to Holleywood!"

Michelle Messina red carpet

Solo as usual at TIFF's full week of glam events!

Michelle Messina during TIFF at Winsor Arms Elite Party

A special dress for a special evening!

The Flare party at TIFF!


Travel landmark pics

Some life highlights!

September 2007 B.C. Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler

Vancouver Michelle MessinaMountain Michelle Messina B.C.

ATV Michelle MessinaATV Michelle Messina B.C.

ATV ride to the top of Whistler, prelimiaries for the Olympic selections!

Won Trademark case against Fruit of the Loom to reinstate "Fruitful Sex"™ Nov. 2006

Aired on the television series "The Dragon's Den" On Oct. 25, 2006 regarding my patent



Buffalo, New York - Spiritual Journey to Ashram

New York _ Ashram

Not allowed to shoot

Took in the whole experience: Wake up at 5am, pray, meditate, aarti, seva, relax

eat only vegetarian food, & repeat!

New York, New York

NY Apple pic by: Michelle MessinaMichelle NY

New York - Fashion Week - Michelle Messina

Michelle Messina Stopping Traffic New York!!! Fashion Week

Fashion Week!

Survey the New York market for clothing line: Fruitful Sex

with the Canadian Consulate General and 7 Canadian designers

I Love New York!

& New York Loves Me!


Arizona - Birthday

Arizona - Michelle Messina's Birthday

This was one of the best moments in my life

This tree is called a million years

The feeling of accoplishment in climbing this mountain on my birthday with the support from friends had me in tears

Climbed with 17 friends to a cave to celebrate my birth!

Arizona - Michelle Messina's Birthday

Michelle's Birthday in the Arizona Desert

Private 18 bedroom mansion on 300 acres of land

old Geronimo Apatchy Indian reserve. The home was purchased by the Rolling Stones in the 70s

Completely Amazing! Arranged by David Avocado

I dipped into Keith Richard's Guitar pool

Breath taking!


Hawaii Cruise - 5 Islands

Hawaii Cruise - Michelle Messina

Dining at Captain's Table


World Film Premiere - Toronto

Toronto Fim Fest _Fruit for Director: Michelle Messina

Toronto International Film Fest - Fruit Delivery

My first film made it into the Forida festival

Moreover, it was the first time in history a short film qualified for an academy award and in the regualar animation program.

Florida US Premiere

Universal Studios Florida - Film Festival Awards - Michelle Messina Short Film; Fruitful Sex

Universal Studios Gala Film Awards

Fruitful Sex 1/7 short films worldwide in program, all others feature films

This was my favourite festival I attended

A1 the best of everything! I also had the pleasure to sit with Steve Buscemi and Todd Phillips who also had his first film in the festival. He was a real delight!


Imax Theatre

Imax - Hawaii - Michelle Messina

Imax - Hawaii

Toronto Winter Snow Fair

Toronto Snow - Michelle Messina Amex Ad

Amex Ad - Winter Fair


Blue Mountain - Ontario Canda

Blue Mountain - Michelle Messina


Some Award Show

Award Gala - Host Chip Dress - Michelle Messina

I tried on a Dress made out of Potatoe Chips!

Little did I know then that I would invent a food container with a pocket

It would be cool to try to find that dress now!


Camped Out to See Pope John Paul ll

The most moving experience in my life!

Camp Out - Pope John Paul _ Michelle Messina

July 27, 2002

It rained all night and I stood in three feet of mud

When the Pope stepped out onto the podium the cloads

cleared and the sun shone on him with the brightest of

all spot lights!

His first words were a warm hello

A force came over like a strong wind of power that

had myself and everyone around me instantly in tears.

To this day I can not explain the intense feeling

that no other leader, star or man has bestow. This was a real force of power of the highest.


The US is amazing:

Visted all states with extra time in:

Florida - Tampa wt Grama, Ft. Lauderdale with a wild girlfriend lol & the Keys with an x boyfriend!

California - L.A. four times, San Deigo twice, & Hollywood babe!

New York: Manhattan twice, & NY NY three times

Arizona - Phoenix, Sedona, & Navajo - several visits

Hawaii: Honolulu twice, Kauia twice, Maui, Molokai, & Oahu

I have enjoyed Mexico 9 times

Cuba twice

Havana Metal Rooster

This is in Havana, Cuba where a huge metal rooster lives!

I was in Cuba in the year of the Rooster, so that was pretty symbolic & cool!



Michelle Messina in Dominican on Bike

This bike looks like mine!

Jamaica twice

England twice: London, Leeds, Liverpool

Italy visited ten cities including the Vatican City

Italy is breath taking - nothing can describe the real art

I would like to improve on a few languages and visit:

France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain

My ultimate destinations yet to visit is The Galapagos Islands,

Places of great interest: Egypt, Thailand, Channel Island, Monaco

Would love the learn the history of Atlantis


Traveled all 50 States in the US

49 in one summer road trip

& Hawaii twice on two separate trips

one on a cruise to 5 islands

Wow, I need to dig up some pics!

Florida  Keys Fishing

Florida Keys - Fishing

Michelle in Texas

Too early for a pic in Texas!

Grand Canyon Michelle Messina

Hiked to the top of the Grand Canyon

& hit a golf ball into the Canyon...oh yes I did!


In New Orleans I stayed at a hotel more like a chateau which was so large it had three beds

with two huge doors to the main St. It is now owned by

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. I have to dig up those pics they are very cool!


I liked San Deigo

I wasn't overly impressed with L.A.

I was hoping to bust out my fancy clothes in Hollywood & was surprised to see casuals and jeans being the trend!

Italy seems to be the only place where formal attire rules! Women in Italy do not wear last season's fashion!

In Canada where we are down to earth and humble, I look forward to dress up, whenever I can...even if it's for Halloween! ;-)



Vegas - Michelle Messina

Las Vegas - Caesars Palace

Caesars Place fountain

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas Slots - Michelle Messina

three sevens dropped and I did not win the pot since I did not play 3 coins - Casino employees did not allow winning pic urg!


Hollywood Michelle Messina

Michelle Messina in Beverely Hills

All the way to Beverely Hills...!


I have enjoyed this life responsibly and look forward to may more journeys, stories and adventures!

Michelle Messina


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